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So I’m having a little giveaway in celebration of 1000 posts and 200 followers [a loud yea in the distance] So anyways,it’s just a few things around my room.

There is:

  • A “Colossus” sticker with their new album cover on it
  • A “Those Who Fear” sticker with their new album cover
  • A “Leaders” Sticker with their new album cover
  • Purple 2012 nerd glasses, no lenses
  • A coot wittle giraffe eraser
  • An even cooter wittle horse eraser
  • A creepy monkey thing that opens
  • A pretty sparkly pink pencil, never been used before
  • Various different coloured yarn, great for making bracelets

Rules are easy, gotta be following moi. Reblogs and likes both count. Ends August 15. Meaning anytime during that day will I announce winners. Please have your asks open, I will randomly select someone and if you win I will send a message. Answer back right away. If you won the coloured yarn, you can pick what colour you want, first come first serve. So if Susy picks light blue before you it will no longer be available and I’ll let you know. I’ll pay for shipping and all that cause I’m awesome, if I for some reason don’t have the money to pay shipping you may have to wait a little bit before I send it. Oh, and I will only ship to the US. Sorry. If you have any questions my ask is open so go ahead. And yea, that’s all. 

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